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Summer Message from the DC
01/08/2019 By Glyn Pullen

Leaders, Helpers, Parents and Friends


I hope you are all having an enjoyable and restful summer break, you have definitely earned it!


During the Summer some of you will be taking your section on camp, please can you remember to remined all adults the important’ s of the Yellow card for safeguarding, the Green card for the alcohol policy and the purple card for safe Scouting.


This weekend I was lucky enough to join in the paddle sports on the Wey and Arun Canal. Scouts of all ages have been able to try paddle boarding, kayaking and Canadian canoes, some Scouts even had to walk the plank if they were brave enough!

I would ask all leaders to encourage their young people to come and have a go, leaders do not need to attend  as the young people are looked after by the amazing paddle sports team, but if they do they can join in the fun.


The World Scout Jamboree has been in full swing over the last few weeks in West Virginia USA ,our Six ambassadors from Petworth and Pulborough have been having an amazing time and I am sure some of you have been keeping up with the many Facebook and Instagram posts. As I am writing this some of them will be enjoying a trip to Niagara Falls in Canada.


The Jamboree  is a once in a life time experience that will stay with these young people for the rest of the their lives, I hope all Six will become great ambassadors for Scouting and our communities. You are invited to come and hear all about their amazing adventure at our District AGM on the 9th September 7.45pm for 8pm start at the Pulborough Village Hall.


This past year we have seen the introduction of OSM into nearly all our Groups and Sections this is an amazing tool and has now been adopted by West Sussex Scouts. Please can I ask that all any individual sections that have not yet registered have done so by the end of this year.


After the Summer break I will be advertising for volunteers for a selection of District roles. If you feel you would like a new challenge or direction and feel you have something to offer,  I would love to hear from you.


We will also be concentrating on some key areas within our District, these being Growth, Inclusivity, Youth Shaped, Community Impact, Programme , People and Perception.


Please have a great Summer break.


Yours in Scouting




Glyn Pullen

District Commissioner

Petworth & Pulborough Scouts


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Halloween Hike 2018
18/11/2018 By Chris Evans

The Halloween Hike is our annual night hike for Scouts, Guides and Explorers.  It has been going since 1995 (there's still a team out there somewhere) and has never missed a year.

The route is usually 6-7 miles through easy terrain (apart from the cows and mud) and we vary the route every year so it is always a new challenge.

Scout and Guide teams are aged 12+ and must have a basic knowledge of map reading and first aid, Explorers are all welcome.  This year we piloted a category for Scouts & Guides aged 10-12 walking with a leader which proved very successful.

Around the route are checkpoints with challenges for the teams to complete and earn points in order to try and win the Halloween Hike Trophy.  Explorers have a additional challenge to go as fast as they can, their points are then deducted from their time, the Explorer team with the lowest score wins.

Challenges this year included Boiling a Kelly Kettle, Pioneering, Making a Remembrance Poppy, a General Knowledge Quiz, a Memory Test and a team challenge involving Buckets, Balls and Blindfolds.

All of the teams carry GPS trackers (even the sweep team who nobody noticed didn't move for 2 hours due to a technical error, thank guys!)  And we are very pleased this year that all teams completed the course.  Full results are at the bottom of the page.

A big thank you to all of the Scout, Guide and Explorer Leaders who gave up their night to support the event and of course the Scout Support Unit who were out in force all night.


Halloween Hike 2018 – The Results – Scouts and Guides

1st      Midhurst Guides                                                     136 points

2nd      Storrington Guides                                               132 points

3rd      Fittleworth Scouts                                                 122 points

4th      Billingshurst Guides                                              120 points

          Ashington Scouts                                                   120 points

5th      Cheyenne Scouts                                                  107 points

6th      Cherokee Scouts                                                    106 points   


Halloween Hike 2018 – The Results – Explorer Scouts

1st      Griffins 1                                                                67.5 points

2nd      Phoenix Knights                                                   89 points

3rd      Phoenix Dames                                                     126 points

4th      Griffins 2                                                                208.5 points


The Halloween Hike will return on Saturday 26th/Sunday 27th October 2019


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Whitewater Rafting at Lee Valley
14/10/2018 By Chris Evans

Whitewater Rafting 2018

A group of 43 Explorers and Leaders had a great afternoon out at the Lee Valley Whitewater Rafting Centre.  We took 5 rafts around the Olympic course from 2012.

The centre is a fantastic facility and everyone had a great time.

Most people managed to fall out at some point and one team even broke their guide! He was replaced by Captain America who asked them 'Did Tom teach you any commands?' 'Yes' was the reply.'Why didn't you use them then?!' asked Cap a period of retraining followed.

Please take a look at the photos of our afternoon out and more information on Lee Valley is available at www.gowhitewater.co.uk

Next years trip will be Saturday 12th October. Email paddlesports@pandpscouts.org.uk for more information

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Blog | P&P Youth Commissioners Blog
13/10/2018 By Ed Clee

It has been a very busy month September for our YC team planning and organizing ideas and putting them into practice.

I don’t really have much to tell you about what we have been getting up to other than planning for now! So the first milestone for us as the YC team is to travel and visit as many sections in as many groups as possible before Christmas as you might already know. Achieving this gives us a great opportunity to kick off a network of communication between all the leaders and us as a YC team. This gives everybody a chance to feel included and have a chance to chat to us properly. I cannot wait to get out and start meeting all the young people and hearing about what they are getting up to and what they have planned sticking to the plan of #youthshapedscouting.

If you haven’t had an email from me yet requesting a date for us to visit, please just drop me an email with some information about when it would be possible for me to attend your scouting evening and have a bit of a chat with all the young people.

Thanks for reading.


Ted Clee

District Youth Commisioner

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New Beaver Colony for Wisborough Green
10/09/2018 By Chris Evans
Calling all Beavers and Parents
Tired of dull weekdays? Want to try something new, learn new skills and meet a whole new group of friends?  
Following our successful interest evening, we have lots of young people ready to join the Scouting Adventure
We are still looking for adults and parents to support the leadership team so if you can spare some time we'd love to hear from you.  Not all leaders stand in front of the young people, someone to look after the money or record the badge work is every bit as important.
For more information contact Mark Guy below or Wisborough Green group direct by Clicking Here
Mark Guy
t: 07943 868 055
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