District Finances

The District Trustee Board has recently agreed on some policies to document how we manage the District’s finances. 


  1. Financial Management Policy - sets out the policy and procedures for financial management of the District, including reserves policy, account management and sub-committees (including District Finance Committee and Petworth Park Camp)
  2. Expenditure Policy - sets out the policy and procedures in respect of the management of expenditure in the District, including budgets, expense approval procedures and limits
  3. Funds and Grants Policy - details the various funds held by the District and the general terms and conditions for use of these funds.  It also details the criteria and application process for the District grants (i.e. Inclusion, District Development (including adult training) and International)

The policies are supplied as PDF documents and may be downloaded from this page. They were last updated in February 2024

District Finance Committee

The District Finance Committee consists of Toni Mitchell (District Treasurer), Kath Bridger (District Chair), Matt Pike (Acting DC/District Lead Volunteer), Chris Evans, Sue Barden and Georgina Colenutt. 


Application forms for each of the District grants are available on this page. Please refer to the individual forms for more detail about the criteria for each of the grants

District Development Fund
This is a grant-giving fund to promote and support the overall development of Scouting in Petworth & Pulborough District, including (but not limited to) adventurous activity training. Petworth & Pulborough District is keen to encourage and support the training and development of those wishing to lead adventurous activities and events within Scouting in the District.
Inclusion fund
This is a grant-giving fund to enable adults and young people in financial need to participate in Scouting activities for example attending a District, County, national or international Scouting event, or to support local Group to help subsidise membership subscriptions, equipment or uniform to ensure no one is excluded from Scouts due to their financial circumstances or for having additional needs.
International Fund
This is a grant-giving fund for individuals from Petworth & Pulborough District taking part in Scouting events abroad.

If you are doing something that meets the grant criteria then please apply (and encourage others to do so), the funds are there to be used.

If you have any questions (or would like support to create relevant policies for your Group) then please contact the District Treasurer


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